Data Protection

Keep Your Data Backed Up, Protected, Secure, and Compliant – Automatically

Data backup is an integral part of protecting your company’s ongoing operations, maintaining compliance with the rapidly evolving compliance landscape, and reducing the impact of malware, physical damage, and data loss events.

Through strategic partnerships and significant field experience, EDSI has developed technical expertise and relationships around best-of-breed Data Protection solutions that you can trust.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Simplify your data protection protocols while better managing your costs without sacrifice by utilizing cloud backup and recovery solutions managed by EDSI. Easily backup your servers, VMs, databases, and even cloud resources, including O365, AWS ECS, Azure VMs, and more, using the most trusted and reliable cloud backup and recovery solutions for enterprises and SMBs.

Our Data Protection Partners


Commvault is a leader in the data management space, offering on-premise backups, cloud backups, orchestration, disaster recovery, eDiscovery, and Sensitive Data Governance solutions for small, large, and enterprise organizations.  Lead by a Commvault Master Certified consultant, EDSI is able to precisely craft a Commvault architecture that addresses your business’s needs – and manage this environment for you.


Acronis is a global technology company specializing in cloud backups, disaster recovery, and secure file-syncing for your physical servers, virtual machines, endpoints, and business-critical applications. EDSI offers the intel you need to better manage and optimize data protection services offered through Acronis.


Veeam is an industry-leading technology company that provides data backup, data recovery, and intelligent data management software for small businesses and heavily virtualized Enterprise environments. Using Veeam’s renowned data protection technologies, EDSI ensures your organization remains protected against cyber threats such as Ransomware while breaking free from complex legacy backup solutions.


Datto is a fast-growing and reliable data protection platform offering enterprise-grade technologies including unified continuity, file backups, and file syncing to empower your organization. Regardless of the size of your company, EDSI has partnered with Datto to ensure your organization’s data remains safe and secure at all costs.

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